Kilwins Ice Cream Run

Jacksonville, FL

Campaign Information


Top Individuals

Allie Hanes $11,650.77
OLLIE BURKE $5,103.40
OscarPardon $4,102.83
LOGAN WILSON $3,588.71
Emaline Allen $2,161.94
REAGAN MARSH $1,361.48
Chance Frazier $1,101.81
Landon Lutzeier $1,100.00

Top Teams

Clarke's Kiddie Dash 2020 $42,186.25
The Queen Bean $789.13
Team ABBI 2020 $612.12
Team Zoe 2020 $322.02
Nolans $10.00

Team ABBI 2020

Team Abbi 2020 raises money for Clarke Jacksonville in honor of previous Clarke attendee Abigail Mehaffey.

Abigail is 22 years old, profoundly deaf and intellectually disabled. Abbi began receiving speech and hearing services at Clarke at 10 months of age and received her Cochlear Implant at 23 months. She continued to receive support services and therapy until the age of 19. Due to Abbi's other disabilities sign was not the best option for her to communicate. And though not the "ideal" cochlear implant user, giving her access to sound through her implant opened the world of communication to her. Without the training and support, we received from the Clarke family she may have never learned to use her device to the best of her capabilities. We have been proud supporters of the Clarke program for the past 21 years and hope to continue to support Clarke in any way possible for years to come. 

Team Members

Name Goal Amount Raised
JANET BECK $100.00 $312.12
TIFFANY TURNER $100.00 $0.00
TRACEY CROW $100.00 $0.00

Our Contributors

David Kemery $53.51
Diana Smith $100.00
Norma Aspinall $26.91
Amy Adams $50.00
Mark Hadfield $106.70
Janet Beck $25.00
Susannah Wolfordq $200.00
Debbie DeGarmo $50.00
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