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I'm a team member of: Clarke's Kiddie Dash 2020

It’s that time of year again for us to start fundraising for skylars school. Please bare with me as I know this post is long, but I feel like it’s important for everyone to know where we are coming from and why we think it’s so important to help out.

Not many of you know our journey with Skylar. I had just given birth only to find out that she had failed her hearing test on the left side.  She had a mild to moderate hearing loss and could hear some but would need a hearing aid to help with quieter sounds. Our road was paved with difficulties as we were unaware of the resources that were available to us. By the time skylar was 9 months she finally had her first hearing aid. She should have had this much sooner. We got the go around from professionals and we’re fighting with insurance to pay for her hearing aid so that we could help stimulate her nerve in hopes that she would get normal hearing again.

It was confusing to people that she had a unilateral hearing loss. Their first response always seemed to be “well can she hear from the other side?” She does in fact have perfect hearing on her right side. And as parents we tried to navigate deciding if we should just stick with the hearing aid alone or use sign as well. We moved around twice since the time she was born which made it difficult to try and figure out what resources we could utilize in each state. By the time we got to Florida when Skylar was about 2 I was desperately trying to find anything to help us. And if I’m being honest it was more to help me.

I made so many call when we got here not wanting to waste anymore time. We got involved with early steps and from there things started to happen. As i look back it makes me sad thinking it took us almost two years to begin our journey to get our daughter the help she needed and deserved.

One way early steps helped us was putting us in contact with FSDB(Florida School for the Deaf and Blind). They have a parent infant program that we have been involved in that has been wonderful.

However the biggest blessing in our lives has been Clarke. Skylar and I immediately got involved in the Mommy and Me program they have and we just saw skylar start to flourish. They specialize in learning to listening to speak. Skylar has now been at clark for 3 1/2 years. She loves her friends there who are just like her and the individualized help she gets each day has been nothing short of a miracle. If any of you know skylar sometimes she can be very spirited and the teachers and staff there know just how to help her navigate her feelings while helping her get through some big emotions. Clarke has done so much for her and we cannot thank them enough.  Her speech and listening have vastly improved from where she started before attending. The amount of dedication and hard work that everyone puts forward at this school is incredible.

Clarke for Hearing and Speech runs on fundraising. Just to give you an idea, It costs over $30,000 per year, per student to attend Clarke. Half of that is covered by a grant and the other half is raised by events and fundraisers like this.As well as going to the capital to speak with the lobisits to receive those grants ever year to keep the doors open and help more children. If you can run/walk hop skip or jump we would love for you to join the race! Or even better help support skylar by donating on her page! No amount is too small and we honestly appreciate every penny! I don’t k ow what I would have done without this amazing school and staff for the past 3 years!

Some might say they saved us.

Our family goal is to raise $2000, but I can't do it without your help! Would you consider joining us in our journey to continue giving Skylar the gift of the spoken language?


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Anonymous $106.70
Kathy Jordan $12.50
Bonnie Krause $50.00
Kathy Jordan $5.00
Peggy Petricelli $100.00
Ellen Hobby $213.09
Dolores Lepage $100.00
Bill Blackwood $100.00
Neil & Angela Blackwood $200.00
Karin Kohl $25.00
Aunty Libby Vagnoni $50.00
Carrie Otis $106.70
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