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Jacksonville, FL

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Allie Hanes $11,650.77
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Clarke's Kiddie Dash 2020 $42,186.25
The Queen Bean $789.13
Team ABBI 2020 $612.12
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Reagan Marsh

I'm a team member of: Clarke's Kiddie Dash 2020
Three Years Old
Three Years Old


Reagan was born with Microtia (little ear) and Atresia (no canal) of her left ear. This left her with a moderate to severe hearing loss. You may think that she'd be fine with just one ear able to hear, but two ears are better than one so we decided to do what we can to give her the best access to listen to the world around her. Once she received her hearing aid in September 2017, she started to grow in her language development with at home speech therapy. Then she started attending Clarke's Mommy & Me class, and now she's in her second year of preschool where she receives individualized auditory, speech, and language sessions. Since she turned 3 in the fall, she has blossomed as a result of the investment of the teachers and speech therapists at Clarke! On her most recent speech evaluation, she's made ONE YEAR'S GROWTH in SIX MONTHS! She continues to work hard to close the gap with her hearing peers. We'd appreciate any donation you can make to help fund this amazing school!


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Anonymous $53.51
Anonymous $32.23
Amanda Del Balso Cantwell $100.00
Kendall and Sylvia Spencer $100.00
Alan and Claire Marsh $500.00
Barry Calhoun $25.00
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David and Patsy Engleman $100.00
Robbie Johnson $106.70
Ya Boy $15.00
JJ Snow $26.91
Alexander Intriago $53.51
Dalton Knowles $100.00
Julie Hobbs $21.60
Name Undisclosed $25.00
Kathi “Grammy” Marsh $53.51
Emily Palmer $21.60
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