Kilwins Ice Cream Run

Jacksonville, FL

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Allie Hanes $11,650.77
OLLIE BURKE $5,103.40
OscarPardon $4,102.83
LOGAN WILSON $3,588.71
Emaline Allen $2,161.94
REAGAN MARSH $1,361.48
Chance Frazier $1,101.81
Landon Lutzeier $1,100.00

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Clarke's Kiddie Dash 2020 $42,186.25
The Queen Bean $789.13
Team ABBI 2020 $612.12
Team Zoe 2020 $322.02
Nolans $10.00

Valyn...will run for Ice Cream! donate now ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

I'm a team member of: Clarke's Kiddie Dash 2020

To all the motivated donors

it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to my daughter Valyn. You might be thinking to yourself, wow what a unique name, and that is exactly the way I feel when I see her. Valyn is energetic, full of personality, and truly has a way of making you feel special.

You would never know it by looking at or talking to her, that she wears two Cochlear implants. She is a fun-loving four-year-old who enjoys reading, singing, listening to music, riding her bike, and playing princesses with her little sister. She is in her second year at Clark school for Hearing and Speech. Through Valyn's hard work at home and Clark, she has significantly increased her speech scores. Her ability to meet and exceed every challenge put in front of her will allow her to start kindergarten next year. 

Valyn recently spent time in Tallahassee to lobby support for two pieces of legislation that would allow hearing aids for children to be covered by insurance. While there, Valyn met Governor DeSantis and several other senators who are eager to support children with hearing loss.
She is excited to reach her goal of $1,000, run with her friends in the kiddie dash, and enjoy a well-deserved ice cream at the end of the race. Please donate any amount and know that you have made opportunities come alive for our one-of-a-kind little girl. 





My Contributors

Shirley Dobrowolski $100.00
Kathy Jordan $12.50
Terry Goswick $100.00
Austin Dobrowolski $159.89
Kathy Jordan $5.00
Dwane Painter $106.70
Michelle Smith $26.91
Name Undisclosed $50.00
Susan and Craig Heneka $106.70
Edmund Clark $100.00
Victoria Faulkner $53.51
Daria Wells $25.00
Snehal Patel $21.60
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