Kilwins Ice Cream Run

Jacksonville, FL

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Top Individuals

Allie Hanes $11,650.77
OLLIE BURKE $5,103.40
OscarPardon $4,102.83
LOGAN WILSON $3,588.71
Emaline Allen $2,161.94
REAGAN MARSH $1,361.48
Chance Frazier $1,101.81
Landon Lutzeier $1,100.00

Top Teams

Clarke's Kiddie Dash 2020 $42,186.25
The Queen Bean $789.13
Team ABBI 2020 $612.12
Team Zoe 2020 $322.02
Nolans $10.00

Scarlett Cook

I'm a team member of: Clarke's Kiddie Dash 2020


Our daughters name is Scarlett and she has been going to the Clarke Schools since she was 1 and a half years old.  We learned she wasn't able to hear shortly after she was born and by the age of 1 she had Bi-Lateral Cochlear implants.  Attending Clarke Schools has given her the best environment possible to help her catch up to her peers by having teachers who specialize in the needs of children like her by promoting the development of skills necessary for social interaction, speech recognition, and in her finding her own voice and words through speech therapy.  None of this would be possible in a normal school setting to the same extent that Clarke Schools can provide.


My Contributors

Lauren Cook $277.98
Linda Lesch $100.00
Owen Cook $21.60
Grant Cook $21.60
Ray & Carolyn Yeager $106.70
Tacy Telego $100.00
Sharon & Arnal Cook $266.28
Collin Cook $17.00
Nahum Cook $106.70
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